Effective Theory Predictions for LHC Processes

Monday, 25th October, 12:00hs - IFAE Seminar room.

Speaker: Christian Bauer  (LBNL, Berkely)


This talk will give an introduction to effective field theories and how they can improve our theoretical understanding of collider physics. After discussing the basic ideas of effective theories, I will present briefly a relatively new effective theory called SCET which is suitable for collider physics. I will then

introduce and discuss three different applications of this effective theory to LHC physics: 1) Proving the factorization of SM processes into perturbative partonic cross sections and non-perturbative universal parameters such as parton distribution functions, 2) Resumming large logarithmic terms threatening the convergence of perturbation theory and 3) Constructing a new event generator called Geneva that merges NLO calculations with parton shower algorithms.


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