COLLOQUIUM: The muon anomalous magnetic moment, a view from the lattice

July 8th 2013, 12pm _ Seminar room

Speaker: Maarten Golterman (San Francisco State University, UAB & IFAE)

Abstract: The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon has been measured with very high precision at Brookhaven, and will be measured with even better precision at Fermilab.

It provides a very stringent test of the Standard Model, with at present a discrepancy of about 3 sigma between the experimental value and the Standard-Model estimate. In this talk, I review the status briefly, and discuss the prospects of a theoretical high-precision computation using Lattice QCD. The focus will be on the contribution from the hadronic vacuum polarization, the uncertainty in which currently dominates the systematic error in the Standard-Model estimate.


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