COLLOQUIUM: The role of the Higgs in baryogenesis theories

Monday February 24 2014, 12:00 - Seminar room

Speaker: Geraldine Servant (IFAE - ICREA)

Abstract: The Standard Model fails at explaining the matter antimatter asymmetry of the universe encoded in the baryon to photon ratio $n_b/n_{\gamma} \sim 10^{-10}$.

The subtle properties of the electroweak theory allow in principle to satisfy the three Sakharov criteria for baryogenesis but are unable to account for the observed asymmetry. New physics ingredients are needed. I will review the status of baryogenesis theories with emphasis on mechanisms occurring at the electroweak scale, in which the Higgs is a key player, and their experimental tests.
As usual, at 12:00 at the IFAE seminar room
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