COLLOQUIUM: Vade retro Standard Model Higgs

October 20 2014, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Christophe Grojean (IFAE-ICREA)

Abstract: With the discovery of the long sought-after Higgs boson at CERN in July 2012, a new state of matter and a new dynamical principle have been revealed as essential building blocks of the fundamental laws of physics.

The Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism also provides a solution to the half-century-old mass conundrum, i.e. the apparent incompatibility between the mass spectrum of the elementary particles and their fundamental interactions. Moreover, the Higgs boson is an open door to the uncharted New Physics territory soon-to-be explored during the upcoming operation of the LHC and later at various possible future colliders


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