COLLOQUIUM: Dark Matter direct detection

May 4 2015, 12:00pm -  Seminar room

Speaker: David G Cerdeño (IPPP Durham U)

Although there is substantial evidence for the existence of vast amounts of Dark Matter in the Universe, we still ignore its nature.

The detection and identification of this new type of matter constitutes one of the greatest challenges in modern Physics, as it can only be explained with Physics beyond the Standard Model.  

Dark matter can be searched for directly, through its scattering off nuclei inside direct detection experiments. I will summarise the current experimental situation, with special emphasis on the SuperCDMS detector, and adopt an optimistic point of view, assuming that future detection is possible.

Does this mean that dark matter can be identified? I will address the reconstruction of dark matter properties, the uncertainties involved, and the necessity of data from different detectors.

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