Dark Energy Survey completes six-year mission

After scanning in depth about a quarter of the southern skies for six years and cataloguing hundreds of millions of distant galaxies, the Dark Energy Survey (DES) finishes taking data on Jan. 9.

For 758 nights over six years DES researchers recorded data from more than 300 million distant galaxies. More than 400 scientists from over 25 institutions around the world have been involved in the project. The collaboration has already produced about 200 academic papers, with more to come.

The DES-Spain scientists have had and have a very prominent role in the analysis of the data. In the cosmological results obtained to date, IFAE researchers have been leaders in determining the distance to galaxies, which is an essential element to be able to interpret the observations made, as well as in the study of the correlations between the positions of close galaxies and the shape of distant galaxies.

Link to DES-Spain press release

Link to Fermilab's press release

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