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X-Ray Imatek

X-Ray Imatek is a new company focused on digital detector technology. We want to make radiology better for the equipment providers, doctors and patients by developing technology which is fundamentally more affordable and provides higher image quality at lower radiation levels. We want to become the Intel of the radiology industry. For more information visit the X-Ray Imatek web site.
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How to reach IFAE

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Path from FGC to IFAE


IFAE is located in the campus of the Universitat Autònoma de   Barcelona (UAB) in Bellaterra. Bellaterra is a town outside the Barcelona Metropolitan Area but can be reached very easily from downtown Barcelona or the airport by public transportation (see How to reach UAB).

The map shows the path from the Universitat Autònoma train station (red path outdoors, yellow path indoors, first floor) to the main IFAE building.

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Working at IFAE

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Working at IFAE

IFAE enjoys great flexibility in hiring personnel because of its independent legal status. Every year several people join IFAE, as postdoctoral fellows, engineering personnel or doctoral or Master students. Both the Experimental and the Theoretical Divisions typically have a few such openings a year.

Persons interested in such positions should contact the leaders of the research projects (see the Organization Chart).

More experienced researchers interested in joining IFAE with a Ramon y Cajal contract or in being candidates for ICREA positions should contact the Director, the Associate Director or the Coordinator of the Theoretical Division.

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Astroparticles and Cosmology

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The group is focused on: axion physics (cosmological, astrophysical and laboratory), neutrinos (atmospherical and solar), phase transitions in the early universe, dark matter and, of course, dark energy

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Beyond the Standard Model

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The pursued lines of research include mechanisms of Electroweak Breaking and Higgs physics, generation of baryon asymmetry and Dark Matter candidates, Supersymmetric Theories, extra-dimensional solutions to Standard Model problems and holographic theories.

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Standard Model

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The pursued lines of research include Chiral Perturbation Theory, the expansion for a large number of colour degrees of freedom, QCD sum rules, non-relativistic QCD, models of QCD which can be solved analytically, Flavour Physics, and CP violation.

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PhD program

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PhD Program

IFAE's research activities benefit from its large number of graduate students (around 20 at any given time), working towards their Ph.D. degrees. Graduate students have full consideration as members of the research teams at IFAE, and, in the experimental division, of the international collaborations that build and commission the scientific apparatus and carry out the science analyses of the data collected with them.

The Ph.D. program proper starts after the completion of the master's degree, and it typically lasts from 3 to 4 years. Grants are available from both the Catalan and Spanish governments, as well as, in some cases, from the project grants of the different research teams. More information can be obtained from the links on the right-hand side.

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Master program

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Master Program

The main goal of the master degree program is to provide the basic tools to begin a research career in the fields of high-energy physics, astrophysics and cosmology. A Ph. D. thesis being the first step in a research career, the master will provide the education needed for the students to initiate an independent research work which will eventually culminate in a doctoral degree. Although the program is open to all, we expect most students to pursue a PhD degree after finishing their master studies. Addressed to an international audience, the master will be conducted solely in English.


You can find more information about the Master program at http://www.mastercosmosbcn.cat/portal/home.htm




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IFAE, together with the Space Science Institute (ICE), and in collaboration with the Physics Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, has put together a new post-graduate program on High-Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology that started in September 2009.

According to the new European-wide framework for university studies, the post-gradute program starts with a master degree program and continues with a Ph. D. program.


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