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Very early cosmology: current understanding and future prospects

Monday November 7th, 12:00 hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Valery Rubakov (INR, Moscow).

With Big Bang nucleosynthesis theory and observations, we are confident of the theory of the early Universe at temperatures up to T≃1MeV, the corresponding age being t≃1second.

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THESIS DEFENSE - Supernova Studies in the SDSS-II/SNe Survey

Friday October 28th 2011, 12:00 pm- Seminar room

Thesis Defender: Lluís Galbany

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Emergent Lorentz Invariance

Friday October 28th, 14:30 hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Oriol Pujolas (IFAE)


I will first phrase in an Effective Field Theory framework what must happen in order that Lorentz Invariance emerges as an accidental symmetry of low energy physics, in light of the stringent experimental constraints on Lorentz violation.

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The role of the entropy in the unitarization of Gravity at large UV regimes

Wednesday October 26th,  14:00hs - Coffee room

Speaker:  Pedro Silva





Light Neutralino Dark Matter in the MSSM

Friday October 21st, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Lorenzo Calibbi (Max Planck Institut fuer Physik, Munich)


We investigate the constraints to the light neutralino dark matter scenario in the minimal supersymmetric standard model from available experimental observations such as decays of B and K meson, relic dark matter abundance, and the search for neutralino and Higgs production at colliders.

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THESIS DEFENSE - Study of Inclusive Jet Production and Jet Shapes in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV using the ATLAS Detector

Tuesday October 18th 2011, 11:30 am - Seminar room

Thesis Defender: Francesc Vives

Boosted objects and subjects at the LHC

Tuesday October 18th, 15:30 hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Jon Butterworth UCL (London)


The Large Hadron Collider has been providing 7 TeV proton-proton collisions for a year an a half, exploring physics above the scale of electroweak unification. Uniquely at these energies, particles with masses at the electroweak scale - W,Z,top and possibly the Higgs boson - can be produced well above threshold, and thus with high Lorentz boosts.

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Counting Invisible Particles at the LHC

Friday October 14th, 14:40hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Rakhi Mahbubani (CERN)


We suggest trying to count the number of invisible particles produced in missing energy events at the LHC, arguing that multiple production of such particles provides evidence that they constitute stable Dark Matter and that counting them could yield further insights into the nature of Dark Matter.

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New hadronic currents in Monte Carlo Generators

Thursday October 6th, 14:00 - Coffee room

Speaker:   Pablo Roig (IFAE)




Extraordinary phenomenology from warped flavor triviality

Wednesday October 5th, 15:00hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Cedric Delaunay (CERN)


We present a class of warped models, dubbed Flavor Triviality (FT), where the SM flavor hierarchies are determined by UV physics. These models allow for a KK-gluon mass as low as O(2)TeV which is consistent with EWPTs.

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