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THESIS DEFENSE: Very-high-energy gamma-ray observations of pulsar wind nebulae and cataclysmic variable stars with MAGIC and development of trigger systems for IACTs

July 2 2015,  10:30am -  Seminar room

Thesis Defender: Ruben López-Coto


SEMINAR: Dark matter halos as particle colliders

June 30 2015, 12:00pm -  Seminar room

Speaker: Sean Tulin (York University)

Abstract : Astrophysical observations of the structure of galaxies and clusters are no longer simply proving the existence of DM, but have sharpened into a discovery tool probing the particle physics of DM.

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SEMINAR: Higgs and QCD axion implications for baryogenesis

June 29 2015, 12:00pm -  Seminar room 

Speaker: Géraldine Servant (IFAE)

Abstract : I will discuss  how strong CP violation from  the QCD axion can be responsible for baryogenesis.

SEMINAR: Searching for dark mediators

June 19 2015, 12:00pm -  Seminar room

Speaker: Felix Kalhofer (DESY Hamburg)

Abstract : I will discuss dark matter models, which in addition to a new stable particle introduce a new mediator with a mass comparable to or even below the dark matter mass.

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SEMINAR: Ultra-light dark matter and pulsar timing observations

June 18 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Andrei Khmelnitsky (Ben Gurion U of Negev)

Abstract : An ultra-light free scalar field with mass in the range 10^{-23} - 10^{-22} eV is a viable dark mater candidate. It can address the overabundance of cold dark matter structures on sub-galactic scales.

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SEMINAR: A Cosmological Solution to the Electroweak Hierarchy Problem

June 12 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: David E Kaplan (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

THESIS DEFENSE: Search for new physics in ttbar final states with additional
heavy-flavor jets with the ATLAS detector

Thesis Defender: Javier Montejo

June 11 2015,  11:00am - Seminar Room b


SEMINAR: Aspects of string phenomenology in particle physics and cosmology

June 5 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Ignatios Antoniadis (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)

Abstract : I will discuss the problem of scale hierarchies in string phenomenology and propose ways to address it.

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SEMINAR: Thermo-electric transport properties in holography with momentum dissipation.

June 4 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Nicodemo Magnoli (Genova U)

Abstract : In the first part of this seminar we will provide an analytical derivation of the transport coefficients of the simplest momentum dissipating model in gauge/gravity where the lack of momentum conservation is realized by means of explicit graviton mass in the bulk. In the second part we will investigate the possibility of formulating Planckian bounds in different models featuring momentum dissipation. We will show that in a holographic dilaton model it is possible to formulate a bound on the sum of the charge and energy diffusion constants.

SEMINAR: Solar constraints for particle physics

May 22 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Aldo Serenelli (IEEC UAB)

Abstract : Standard solar models (SSMs) have been used for more than 30 years for to set limits on properties of non-standard particles. Their constraining power, however, depends on how accurately they represent the Sun and this has been challenged over the last decade by spectroscopic measurements of the solar surface composition: the solar abundance problem.

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