Partially Supersymmetric Composite Higgs Models

Friday July 16th. 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Michele Redi (CERN, Geneva)


I will discuss the idea of the Higgs as a pseudo-Goldstone boson within the framework of partial supersymmetry in Randall-Sundrum scenarios and their CFT duals. The Higgs and third generation of the MSSM are composites arising from a strongly coupled supersymmetric CFT with global symmetry SO(5)

spontaneously broken to SO(4), while the light generations and gauge fields are elementary degrees of freedom whose couplings to the strong sector explicitly break the global symmetry as well as supersymmetry. The presence of supersymmetry in the strong sector may allow the compositeness scale to be raised to 10-20TeV without fine tuning, consistent with the bounds from precision electro-weak measurements and flavor physics. The supersymmetric flavor problem is also solved. At low energies this scenario resembles the ``More Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model'' with only the partners most closely related to the hierarchy problem light.




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