Precision Gauge Unification from Extra Yukawa Couplings

Friday October 1st, 14:30 hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Arthur Hebecker (University of Heidelber)


Extra vector-like GUT multiplets can have a significant impact on the predicted value of the strong coupling. In particular, Yukawa couplings between such extra multiplets and the MSSM Higgs doublets can resolve the familiar two-loop discrepancy between the SUSY GUT prediction and the measured

value of alpha_3. The presented analysis highlights the advantages of the holomorphic scheme, where the perturbative running of gauge couplings is saturated at one loop and further corrections are conveniently described in terms of wavefunction renormalization factors. If the gauge couplings as well as the extra Yukawas are of O(1) at the unification scale, the relevant two-loop correction can be obtained analytically. However, the effect persists also in the weakly-coupled domain, where possible non-perturbative corrections at the GUT scale are under better control.


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