The emergence of Dirac Pyisics in Graphene

Tuesday, November 23rd, 14:00hs. - Coffee room

Speaker: Alessio Celi (UB)


After a very brief introduction to the genesis of the material and to the (apparent) clashing with the Mermin-Wagner theorem, I will show that many of the surprising experimental properties, like the relativistic dispersion relation of the quasi-electrons, can be easily explained by the tight-binding approx (Hubbard model).

In particular, I will show by explicit calculation how the Dirac Hamiltonian emerges at the Fermi level in the first order approx due to the existence of band singularities, called Dirac points.

Depending on the time left, I will briefly discuss the same phenomenon in other crystals (like square-lattice ones) and mention some of the research lines active in the field.

Main references:

Review (quite compact): "The electronic properties of Graphene" Rev. Mod. Phys. 81, 109 (2009), 0709.1163

Famous article by 2010 Nobel prize laureates: "The raise of Graphene", Nat. Mater. 6, 183 (2007), cond-mat/0702595 original derivation of Hubbard model for graphene: "The band theory of Graphite", Phys. Rev. 71, 9 (1947)




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