Bubble Growth in Cosmological Phase Transitions

Monday January 17th, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Jose-Miguel No  (IPhT, Saclay)


FULL TITLE: "Bubble Growth in Cosmological Phase Transitions: Hydrodynamic Obstructions vs Runaway Bubbles". A cosmological first order phase transition can lead to many interesting phenomena, such as electroweak baryogenesis or the production of a stochastic background of gravitational waves.

The phase transition procees through the nucleation and subsequent expansion of bubbles, and the understanding of the dynamics of their expansion is very relevant for the study of these phenomena. In particular some quantities, like the bubble wall velocity or the energy efficiency coefficients (for converting the available free energy of the Higgs field into fluid bulk motion, thermal energy and gradient/kinetic energy of the Higgs field) play a key role. I will first review the hydrodynamic treatment used to describe the fluid motion once bubbles start growing, and obtain the energy conversion efficiency coefficients that allow the energy budget of the phase transition to be analyzed. In this context I will then study both the possible existence of continuosly accelerating (runaway) bubbles, and the appearence of a hydrodynamical obstruction preventing the bubble wall velocity from reaching relativistic values under ce



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