Non-Perturbative Thermal QCD: Gluon Condensates and AdS/QCD

Friday February 18th,  14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Eugenio Megias (Univ. of Heidelberg and IFT, UAM/CSIC, Madrid)



The theory of strong interactions is asymptotically free at high energies and temperatures, and this allows one to use perturbative methods to study its thermodynamic properties in this regime. Nevertheless close to the phase transition non-perturbative effects become very important, and usual perturbative approaches are not applicable.

Then new non-perturbative methods must be developed. I will explore some of the features of the Polyakov loop, heavy quark free energy and the thermodynamics of the confined and deconfined phases of QCD within the AdS/QCD formalism, using a consistent treatment based on 5D Einstein-dilaton gravity with a dilaton potential first developed by E. Kiritsis et al. We address also the problem of finding the optimal AdS/QCD within the present formalism. As a second part of my talk I will explore the possible existence of the dimension two gluon condensate and the role played to describe consistently the thermodynamics of QCD.



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