Fermionic Quantum Criticality from AdS String Theory

Friday,  May 6th 14:30hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Koenraad Schalm  (Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics,University of Leiden)


We will argue that theoretical questions posed by experiments on quantum critical states of electron systems might be best answerable with string theory through the anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory correspondence.

We shall demonstrate that AdS/CFT is holographically able to describe the controlled emergence of regular and irregular Fermi liquids from a strongly coupled quantum critical state. There are experimental indications that such irregular Fermi indeed capture the essential physics of the strange metal state in high Tc superconductors and heavy fermions. The gravity dual of this state, a charged AdS black hole has an instability, which ought to describe either the collapse to textbook Landau Fermi Liquid groundstate in the CFT or to a superconductor. We shall provide theoretical evidence that this is indeed so. Combined with the AdS/CFT computations that can reproduce the anomalous linear resistivity and other non-standard transport phenomena found in quantum criticical electron systems, these results give reason to believe that AdS/CFT string theories are good phenomenological models for quantum-critical Fermi systems.



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