The Higgs Potential in the Type II Seesaw Model

Friday May 20th, 14:30 - Seminar room

Speaker: Gilbert Moultaka  (CNRS & University of Montpellier)


The Standard Model Higgs sector extended by one weak gauge triplet of scalar fields, is a promising setting to account for neutrino masses without a right handed neutrino.

A by-product of such a scenario is a richer Higgs potential with several new operators and free parameters. In this talk I will report on a thorough (though tree-level) study of various dynamical features resulting from such a potential that may put theoretical constraints on the parameters. The salient results comprise the exactly solvable vacuum stability constraints, the unitarity constraints, and a reduction of the possible Higgs states patterns. I also comment on generalizations of these constraints as well as on their phenomenological implications.


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