Gluon-fusion pair production of sleptons as a test of SUSY

Wednesday May 25th, Seminar room

Speaker: Francesca Borzumati  (Tohoku Univ. Sendai)


I discuss the gluon-fusion production of a pair of sleptons induced at the one-loop level by i) renormalizable quartic couplings among squarks and sleptons, ii) the exchange of Higgs bosons.

In the former case the cross section is small. The value of O(1) fb can be considered an upper bound for it, as it is obtained for very light slepton and squark. In the latter case, the cross section is even smaller, of O(0.1)fb, if the exchanged Higgs boson has mass considerably below the slepton-pair threshold, but it is enhanced when it is resonant. It can indeed reach the O(10) fb mark for the production of sleptons of same chirality, and larger values for the production of stau’s of opposite chirality, even for vanishing chirality-mixing terms in the squark sector. The cross section may be further enhanced if these mixing terms are nonnegligible, providing therefore a potentially interesting probe of the Higgs sector, mu, tan beta, and the trilinear soft SUSY-breaking couplings, also for realistic sfermion spectra.



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