Extraordinary phenomenology from warped flavor triviality

Wednesday October 5th, 15:00hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Cedric Delaunay (CERN)


We present a class of warped models, dubbed Flavor Triviality (FT), where the SM flavor hierarchies are determined by UV physics. These models allow for a KK-gluon mass as low as O(2)TeV which is consistent with EWPTs.

In contrast with so-called anarchic warped models, FT models have no tension with either FCNCs or EDMs, while naturalness is potentially improved. Furthermore, FT warped models exhibit new exciting phenomenology at hadron colliders. For instance, on the Tevatron frontier, the like-sign dimuon anomaly in B decays and a sizable forward-backward asymmetry in t-tbar production can be accomodated.



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