Making the sneutrino a Higgs with a U(1)R lepton number

Friday December 2nd, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Claudia Frugiuele (Carleton University, Canada)


I will talk about a new R symmetric SUSY model where the R symmetry is identified with the lepton number, and as consequence the sneutrino plays the role of the down type Higgs.

This is possible as the sneutrino does not carry any lepton number, and therefore the sneutrino VEV is not constrained by the usual tight bounds from the neutrino mass. On the other hand, all the other SUSY partners carry a lepton number, and this leads to a quite interesting and distinctive phenomelogy at colliders. Furthermore, our model has a more minimal particle content respect to the MRSSM (the Minimal R Symmetric Supersymmetric Standard Model): indeed we don’t need to enlarge the Higgs sector respect to the MSSM introducing an extra pair of doublets.



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