On the factorization of the scattering of W bosons

Monday December 19, 11:45hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Roberto Franceschini (University of Maryland)


In this seminar I shall briefly review why the cross-section of high energy scattering processes can effectively be factorized into a hard scattering and soft emissions.

I shall question on the possible issues that arise in the factorization of processes involving massive vectors, as the W boson. After reviewing the current knowledge on the factorization of the scattering of W bosons I shall present results on the factorization of the amplitude, which generalizes the usually quoted results on the factorization of the cross-section. I shall present numerical results to support these analytical findings paying particular attention to the corrections to the lowest order of approximation and to the differences between process involving longitudinal and transverse W boson.


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