Relations between anomalous and even-parity sectors in AdS/QCD

Friday May 4, 14:30 - Seminar room

Speaker: Juan Jose Sanz Cillero (Universita' di Bari)


In arXiv:1010.0718 [hep-ph] Son and Yamamoto found an interesting relation between the odd and even-intrinsic parity sectors of QCD for the class of holographic models where chiral symmetry is broken though IR boundary conditions.

In this seminar I present the results from arXiv:1108.5945 [hep-ph] where we study these relations between the VVA and LR correlators in soft-wall models. Son-Yammamoto's relations are not fulfilled unless further ingredients are included into the model (e.g., dual tensor fields). I will also present an ongoing work with predictions for the O(p6) ChPT couplings for both odd and even-intrinsic parity sectors. We find a generalization to Son-Yamamoto's relation between C22^W and L10 for the remaining odd O(p6) low-energy constants in the same kind of models they studied. This also leads to relations between anomalous and and even-sector amplitudes, analogous to that between the VVA and LR correlators.


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