New hadronic form factors in TAUOLA

Friday May 11, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Pablo Roig (IFAE)


We present the new hadronic currents implemented in the Monte Carlo generator TAUOLA, which is the standard library for analysing tau lepton measurements: both in high-energy experiments (such as LHC) and in the heavy-flavour factories (BaBar and Belle and future super-B).

The theoretical approach to obtain the relevant form factors is based on their appropriate low-energy limit given by Chiral Perturbation Theory, their QCD-ruled short-distance behaviour and the large number of colours limit of QCD, whose modelization within our framework is discussed. The new set of form factors covers more than 88% of the hadronic tau decay width. We hope that, through confrontation with the data, improvements of the present form factors and addition of some of the most important missing channels, it will become a helpful tool in order to extract valuable physical information on many interesting observables.



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