SEMINAR - Holography of the Weyl semi-metals

Friday October 26th 2012,  14:30 pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Umut Gursoy (CERN)

Abstract: Weyl semi-metals can be thought of higher dimensional analogs of Graphene, where the single-fermion excitations exhibit Weyl-like dispersion instead of Dirac.

The canonical way to study their behavior is through the ARPES experiments. We first show how to construct the ARPES setting holographically, and than we study in this setting Weyl fermions that are coupled to a strongly interacting CFT with a generic dynamical scaling exponent z, at vanishing chemical potential. In case of z different than 1, we find a quantum phase transition in the spin-orbit coupling constant into formation of Fermi surfaces. This is argued to be parallel to phenomena conjectured to happen in the Weyl semi-metals.


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