SEMINAR - Lattice input on the tau V_us determination puzzle

Friday November 16th 2012, 2:30 pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Kim Maltman (York University (CA) and Adelaide University (Aus)

Abstract: Recent determinations of V_us from flavor-breaking sum rules involving strange and non-strange hadronic tau decay data yield values significantly lower than expectations based on three-family unitarity, and also than those obtained from analyses of K_{ell 3} and the ratio of K_{mu 2} to pi_{mu 2} decay widths.

In this talk, I descibe how a comparison of lattice data to the relevant OPE representations can be used to investigate potential theoretical systematic problems in the conventional analysis not amenable to study via continuum means. I also present some preliminary results of updated V_us determinations obtained using versions of the sum rule analyses constrained by the lessons learned from the lattice data.




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