SEMINAR - Current status of gamma-ray dark matter searches with Fermi/LATst

Wednesday  November 21st 2012, 3 pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Miguel Ángel Sánchez Conde , KIPAC- SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Abstract: Since its launch in 2008, the NASA Fermi satellite has been extensively searching for dark matter induced gamma-rays. Indeed, Fermi/LAT results have made significant inroads in limiting the standard “WIMP miracle” dark matter scenario, providing the most stringent limits in the annihilation cross section so far.

Several astrophysical objects have been studied in this context, each of them having deserved different search strategies and data analysis. In this talk, I will review the current status of such searches with Fermi/LAT and will briefly discuss projections for future Fermi/LAT measurements. If time permits, I will also discuss on recent claims of the detection of a dark matter line at 130 GeV using Fermi/LAT data as well as the current official statement of the Collaboration."



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