Seminar - Surprises of the pQCD application to the low-energy data

Friday March 1st 2013, 2:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker:  D. V. Shirkov (Dubna, JINR)


Small parameter, g<<1, at higher non-linearity usually is treated as perturbation yielding series in its powers. However, neglecting by it changes the type of equation; this yields some surprises. One of them is phenomenon of divergent Asymptotic Series (AS).

First studied in Celestial Mechanics at XIX, power AS with factorially growing coefficients is an everyday topic in current theoretical physics. It is related to the singularity e^{-1/g} which is usual in Theory of Big Systems : Turbulence, Classic and Quantum Statistics, Quantum Fields. We give few pedagogical and discuss some actual cases. The talk is based on papers hep-ph/1202.3220 and hep-th/1208.2103. 


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