Colloquium - Shaping magnetic fields: cloaking, concentration, and transmission of magnetic energy

Monday March 11th 2013, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Àlvar Sanchez (UAB)


We show how the application to transformation optics theory to static fields results in new ways of shaping magnetic fields in space.

In particular, we describe how to build an 'invisibility' cloak for magnetic fields which, for the case of uniform applied fields, can be constructed with only two layers, one superconducting and the other ferromagnetic, and show its experimental confirmation. Also, we present how to design a shell that can concentrate magnetic fields in a region of free space up to high values, which can be applied to enhance the sensitivity of magnetic sensors, and, by using two of such shells, how to transfer magnetic energy from one source to a different point through empty space, which may have applications in wireless transmission of energy.


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