Seminar: Compositeness: an EFT framework and applications to collider physics

Wednesday July 10th 2013, 2:30pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Oscar Catà (LMU, Munich)

Given the large energy gap between the electroweak scale and the scale of new physics (expected at a few TeV), EFTs turn out to be an extremely useful tool to perform fully systematic searches for new physics at present-day colliders.

In this talk I will spell out the systematics behind the most general EFT description of the electroweak interactions, including scenarios where EWSB is triggered by strong dynamics. In these scenarios, the recently found Higgs-like scalar is expected to be a composite or partially-composite object and its role (for instance in the unitarization of physical processes) is very different from the one of the SM Higgs. The EFT I will present is the natural generalization of many SM extensions, like composite Higgs or SILH models, that can be understood as particular patterns in the EFT parameter space. In order to illustrate how the EFT can comprehensibly scan for new (strong) physics effects in physical processes, I will discuss in detail gauge boson pair production at linear and hadron colliders.


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