SEMINAR: Flavorful Naturalness

Friday October 25 2013, 2:30pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Gilad Perez (CERN)

The notion of top partner as the object that cancel the top quadratic divergence of the Higgs mass square is discussed.

The common assumption that the top partner is both interaction (flavor) eigen state as well as mass eigen state is relaxed. This lead to interesting implications (denoted as flavorful naturalness by us): 1. The top partners are harder to discover directly. 2. The first two generation masses need to be split, and the direct bounds on the 2nd generation partners are found to be rather weak. 3. Flavorful models have interesting interplay with low energy flavor and CP violating constraints, which are also briefly mentioned. 4. The corresponding charm LHC frontier is also discussed. The above framework is mostly introduced in the context of supersymmetry but preliminary results for composite models will be shown, and also the potential impact on Higgs LHC physics will be mentioned.


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