SEMINAR: Superfluids, type-II NG bosons and AdS/CFT"

May 25 2014, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Amadeo Jimenez Alba (IFT UAM)

Abstract: How many NG bosons should you expect after spontaneous symmetry breaking? How do they behave? Are these questions modified at strong coupling? The Goldstone theorem just states that the SSB of a global and continuous symmetry implies the existence of a massless mode that we call NG boson.

Moreover it is also widely known that there must be at least one of these modes for each broken generator. Nevertheless, in abscence of Lorentz symmetry these (and other) statements have to be modified to account for the exotic massless modes that appear in the spectrum. As we will see, these questions can be addressed naturally in the context of superfluids. In this talk we study how these new modes, called type-II NG bosons, arise and behave at strong coupling by means of the AdS/CFT correspondence. No prior knowledge of superfluids, type-II goldstone bosons or AdS/CFT is required. We will first review the main aspects of these topics and then analyze the results of putting them together.


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