SEMINAR: Minimal Dark Matter and future colliders

October 27 2014, 2:30pm - Seminar room

Speaker:Filippo Sala (IPhT, Saclay)

Abstract : Electroweak multiplets constitute prototype candidates of WIMP Dark Matter, providing a useful benchmark to compare collider searches with direct and indirect ones.

In this talk I will mainly focus on a fermion triplet, stable thanks to one of the accidental symmetries of the Standard Model, and with a mass of ~ 3 TeV if the thermal abundance is imposed. I will discuss other motivations for this new state, like vacuum stability, and present a detailed study of the reach of the high luminosity LHC and of a 100 TeV pp collider. Such a phenomenological study covers also the case of a pure Wino, of particular interest in Supersymmetric models that do not aim at solving the hierarchy problem

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