Theory Seminar:The Sun as laboratory for particle physics

Friday, 5 February 2016 at 12:00 at IFAE Seminar room

Speaker: Núria Vinyoles (IEEC ICE, Barcelona)

Stars have been widely used as laboratories for particle physics due to their extreme conditions not reproducible anywhere else. The presence of non-standard particles would change their structure and evolution through different channels (extra energy-loss, changes on the energy transport, ...) depending on the nature of the particles considered. Those changes on the stars can be used to limit the parameter space of the particle properties.
The Sun is by far the best-known star. The solar structure, revealed by helioseismology and solar neutrinos, is well determined, and accurate solar models give us information about its past, present and future. For this reason, many studies have focused on using the Sun to test non-standard physics.
In this talk, I will introduce the Standard Solar Models, the main solar observations and how they can be used to give constrains on the properties of non-standard weakly interacting particles. In particular, I will present a new statistical analysis that combines the results of SSMs, helioseismology and solar neutrino observations to place upper limits on exotic particles. Applications and results for axions, hidden photons and millicharged particles will be presented and discussed.

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