A Particle physicist's first look at Quantum Information

Wednesday February 3rd, Coffee room, at 2 pm. -Alvise Varagnolo will give his first mam-seminar.

This time our speaker will take us not to his every-day work but rather to other area equally interesting. He will share with us some thoughts and examples about how basic question of quantum theory show up also in the study of high energy particle physics:

"I will review some of the efforts made in the last decade(s) to employ basic concepts and tools of Quantum Information (such as Bell - or CHSH - inequalities) in the context of High Energy Physics (e.g. in the neutral meson systems). Differences with respect to the more frequently considered cases (of photons or spin 1/2 particles), results obtained and problems encountered will be briefly discussed.

You are all invited, and sorry for the late announcement.


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