Reconciling leptogenesis with observable mu --> e gamma rates

Friday May 21st, 14:30 - Seminar room

Speaker: Thomas Hambye (Universite Libre de Bruxelle)

Abstract: Seesaw models which approximately conserve lepton number are known to allow for large Yukawa couplings and a low seesaw scale in agreement with neutrino mass constraints, and hence to lead to large lepton flavour violating rates that can be

probed experimentally (such as mu->e gamma). We perform a detailed analysis of thermal leptogenesis in this framework and show that it can be generically successful, contrary to what could be expected at first sight. We exemplify this discussion with a minimal seesaw model which has the particularity to be of the Minimal Flavour Violation type, that is to say where all flavour violating process rates can be predicted from the knowledge of the neutrino mass matrix (up to an overall constant).



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