Seminar: LHC phenomenology of the minimal PGB Higgs

Thursday September 26 2013,  2:30pm -  Seminar room

Speaker: Leandro da Rold (Centro Atómico Bariloche & Balseiro Inst.)

A very attractive framework to obtain a light Higgs is to consider that it is a composite Pseudo Goldstone Boson of a new strongly interacting sector.

I will consider an effective description of the minimal PGB Higgs in terms of a two-site model. I will show the corrections to the Higgs couplings, that depend on the quantum numbers of the composite fermions, as well as the corrections to Higgs production and decay in several channels. Depending on the fermion content there are different predictions for Higgs phenomenology at LHC, opening the possibility to test the structure of the fermionic composite sector by studying Higgs production and decay. I will show whether precision Higgs measurement will be able to distinguish different models.

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