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JULY 2014 - T2K new educational video

The T2K collaboration has released a new educational video describing the experiment and its scientific goals.


JUNE 2014 - T2K sees its first event in antineutrino beam mode


FEBRUARY 2014 - T2K in the Press: Neutrino Experiments Come Closer to Seeing CP Violation

JANUARY 2014 - T2K discovery selected as one of the top 100 science stories of 2013

The discovery of electron neutrino appearance from a muon neutrino beam presented by the T2K international collaboration in June 2013 has been selected as one of the top 100 scientific stories of last year by the Discover magazine of the USA. This is one of the nine outstanding results selected by the magazine in the Mathematics and Physics category.

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OCTOBER 2012 - Neutrino paper wins 'La Recherche' prize

The T2K electron neutrino paper has been recognized as the best scientific result of the year by the French journal 'La Recherche'.

OCTOBER 2012 - New T2K experiment public web page

The T2K Collaboration has a new public web page. It includes a lot of information not only about the experiment itself, but about neutrino physics. You can find it at

JULY 2011 - IFAE in the news

The local and national press media echoed the recent electron neutrino appearance results announced by the T2K collaboration on June 15 2011. IFAE researchers have played a very visible role in obtaining this result, both in the construction of the apparatus and in the data analysis.

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JUNE 2011 - Electron neutrino appearance at T2K

The T2K experiment, whose primary purpose is to study neutrino interactions at a large distance from their source, has detected 6 electron neutrino candidate events based on the data collected before March 11, 2011. For the first time, it was possible to observe an indication that muon neutrinos are able to transform into electron neutrinos over a distance of 295 km through the quantum mechanical phenomena of neutrino flavor oscillations.

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FEBRUARY 2010 - First Super-K beam neutrino candidate

Physicists from the Japanese-led multi-national T2K neutrino collaboration announce on February 24th that he first beam neutrino event candidate has been observed. It is a clear 3-ring Fully Contained event in the fiducial volume.

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DECEMBER 2009 - First neutrinos at the T2K on-axis near detector

Physicists from the Japanese-led multi-national T2K neutrino collaboration announced on November 24th that over the weekend they detected the first events generated by their newly built neutrino beam at the J-PARC accelerator laboratoy in Tokai, Japan.

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