Javier Montejo receives the ATLAS Thesis Award

Javier Montejo, now a CERN fellow, has received the ATLAS Thesis award for his thesis done at IFAE under the supervision of Aurelio Juste. Javier is the first student at IFAE that has been awarded with this prize.

The title of his work is: "Search for new physics in ttbar final states with additional heavy-flavor jets with the ATLAS detector" and he defended it on June 2015. In a few words, Javier's dissertation presents three analyses that address the instability of the Higgs mass from different perspectives and that constitute the most sensitive searches to date in their respective channels. He has also contributed to the performance of the ATLAS hadronic calorimeter.

The ATLAS Thesis Awards started in 2010 and recognize young postdoctoral candidates who have contributed to the experiment in all areas, in the context of a PhD thesis. A committee judges candidates on their work in all areas of ATLAS. Only 5 awards are given every year among more than 100 theses.

The ATLAS Thesis Prize Awardees received their recognition during the last ATLAS Week.

Also during the ATLAS week, Silvia Fracchia, PhD student at the IFAE-ATLAS group, received a recognition for the ATLAS PhD Grant she was awarded on 2014.

Euclid dark Universe mission ready to take shape

  • Euclid, ESA's dark Universe mission, has passed its preliminary design review.
  • IFAE participates in the NISP Filter Wheel Assembly, in simulation and scinec eperformance studies.

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Breakthrough Prize for Fundamental Physics for the T2K collaboration and other neutrino experiments

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Neutrino oscillations win the 2015 Nobel Prize of Physics

The prize goes to Takaaki Kajita of the University of Tokyo and Arthur B. McDonald of Queen's University in Canada for their work on the Super-Kamiokande and SNO experiments.

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 Mario Martinez appointed as the manager of the spanish National Program of particle physics

IFAE's Researcher and Head of the Experimental Division Mario Martínez is the new manager of the Spanish Programa Nacional de Física de Partículas which includes the scientific areas of particle physics, astroparticle and nuclear physics. The appointment begins from July 2015 for a period of three years.

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Martine Bosman has been awarded with the Narcís Monturiol medal granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya

The award distinguishes researchers and institutions that have contributed to the scientific and technological development of Catalunya.

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Observan la aparición de 3 anti-neutrinos de tipo electrón en el experimento T2K de Japón

• Esta nueva medida se añade a una serie de observaciones hechas por el experimento T2K en la búsqueda de la clave para resolver el enigma de la ausencia de antimateria en el Universo

• Dos institutos españoles, el IFAE de Barcelona y el IFIC de Valencia, participan en el hallazgo

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La Dra. Montserrat Vendrell dirigirà el Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

• La incorporació de la directora general marca la posada en marxa del nou institut, un projecte científic en què conflueixen el CRG, l'ICIQ, l'ICN2, l'ICFO, l'IFAE i l'IRB Barcelona.

• La seva responsabilitat a partir del setembre serà impulsar estratègies interdisciplinars de recerca, transferència de tecnologia i formació de postgrau internacional dels sis centres que integren l'Institut.

• El Barcelona Institute s'erigeix des del seu naixement com una de les principals institucions científiques d'Europa i vol contribuir a reforçar el sistema de recerca català.

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La xarxa de telescopis de raigs gamma CTA escull l'illa de la Palma per ubicar una de les seves dues seus.

• L'observatori del Roque de los Muchachos ha estat seleccionat per acollir els 20 telescopis Cherenkov de xarxa CTA a l'hemisferi Nord
• Investigadors de l'Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE), la Universitat de Barcelona (UB), la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) i l'Institut d'Estudis Espacials (ICE-CSIC/IEEC) entre d'altres, participen en el projecte.

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Six top Catalan research centres constitute 'The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology' to pursue a joint scientific endeavour

• CRG, ICIQ, ICN2,ICFO, IFAE and IRB Barcelona come together in this new institution.

• The Barcelona Institute emerges as one of the leading scientific institutes in Europe, ranking fourth in the number of ERC grants awarded per volume of researchers.

• Its Board of Trustees is formed by non-profits and renowned international scientists including Profs. Rolf Tarrach (Chair), Joan Massagué, and Ignacio Cirac, among others.

• The Barcelona Institute will promote joint research strategies, transfer of technology, and graduate programs.

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