OCTOBER 2011 - End of 2011 LHC proton-proton run

October 30th marked the last day of the 2011 proton-proton run, ending a remarkable period from the data-taking point of view, with more than 5 fb-1 (inverse femtobarn) being delivered to the experiments. This is five times the goal of one fb-1, set at the beginning of the year  for the whole 2011 data taking period. After that a one-month operation period devoted to heavy-ion data-taking started, to complete the full physics program of the year.

OCTOBER 2012 - New T2K experiment public web page

The T2K Collaboration has a new public web page. It includes a lot of information not only about the experiment itself, but about neutrino physics. You can find it at

JULY 2011 - IFAE in the news

The local and national press media echoed the recent electron neutrino appearance results announced by the T2K collaboration on June 15 2011. IFAE researchers have played a very visible role in obtaining this result, both in the construction of the apparatus and in the data analysis.

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JULY 2011 - LHC already reaches its collisions goals for 2011

In the first half of 2011 LHC has delivered more than one fb-1 (inverse femtobarn) of integrated luminosity to the experiments. One inverse femtobarn corresponds to approximately 70 million million collisions. In fact, LHC crossed the one inverse femtobarn goal set in 2010 for the whole 2011 run on June 16th, just three months since the beginning of this year's run. This shows the excellent performance of the accelerator and brings nearer the moment when new physics may show up. Read more on the CERN press release.

JUNE 2011 - Electron neutrino appearance at T2K

The T2K experiment, whose primary purpose is to study neutrino interactions at a large distance from their source, has detected 6 electron neutrino candidate events based on the data collected before March 11, 2011. For the first time, it was possible to observe an indication that muon neutrinos are able to transform into electron neutrinos over a distance of 295 km through the quantum mechanical phenomena of neutrino flavor oscillations.

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NOVEMBER 2011 - IFAE among the top ten Catalan research institutes

From La Vanguardia, November 17th 2010:

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APRIL 2011 - First W boson candidate event in ATLAS

First W boson candidate event in ATLAS First candidate for an event with a W boson decaying to muon + neutrino seen in 7 TeV collision data.

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APRIL 2010 - First source discovered with MAGIC II

The MAGIC Collaboration reports the discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from the new source MAGIC J0317+413. The source was in the field of view of the MAGIC telescopes between October 2009 and February 2010.

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FEBRUARY 2010 - First Super-K beam neutrino candidate

Physicists from the Japanese-led multi-national T2K neutrino collaboration announce on February 24th that he first beam neutrino event candidate has been observed. It is a clear 3-ring Fully Contained event in the fiducial volume.

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JANUARY 2010 - European research council award

The European Research Council awarded an Advanced Grant to the project "Voxel Imaging PET Pathfinder" presented in 2009 by IFAE Research Professor Mokhtar Chmeissani.

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