El IFAE coordina el proyecto FET-Open AVaQus para desarrollar nuevas tecnologías de computación cuántica basadas en annealing cuántico

  • AVaQus tiene como objetivo mejorar la actual tecnología de annealing cuántico desarrollando nuevos circuitos cuánticos superconductores.
  • El annealing cuántico es una tecnología con el potencial de convertirse en una alternativa a los ordenadores cuánticos basados en puertas lógicas cuánticas, que son los que centran la mayor parte de la investigación actual en computación cuántica.
  • Los annealers cuánticos son dispositivos capaces de realizar cálculos y simulaciones cuánticas para resolver problemas de la vida real en áreas como la planificación, optimización, navegación, química cuántica, entre muchos otros.

L'IFAE coordina el projecte FET-Open AVaQus per desenvolupar noves tecnologies de computació quàntica basades en annealing quàntic

  • AVaQus té com a objectiu millorar l'actual tecnologia d'annealing quàntic desenvolupant nous circuits quàntics superconductors.
  • L'annealing quàntic és una tecnologia amb el potencial d'esdevenir una alternativa als ordinadors quàntics basats en portes lògiques quàntiques, que són els que centren la major part de la recerca actual en computació quàntica.
  • Els annealers quàntics són dispositius capaços de realitzar càlculs i simulacions quàntiques per resoldre problemes de la vida real en àrees com la planificació, optimització, navegació, química quàntica, entre molts altres.

The Quantum Computing Tech group at IFAE was established in May 2019 to lead the development of quantum computers in Spain and in the south of Europe. The group is led by Dr. Forn- Díaz and it represents the experimental quantum hardware team of the Quantic group established at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), which develops quantum software.

IFAE donates protection equipment and puts its 3D printers to the service of coronavirus fight

IFAE has donated its stock of clean-room protection equipment to the UAB-related hospitals (St. Pau, Vall d'Hebró, Parc Taulí, Germans Tries i Pujol, among others). In total, almost 2000 items including masks, gloves, and booties. This initiative was coordinated by the UAB managed by the Technical Division team at IFAE.


On another front, the IFAE 3D printers are now being used for manufacturing 3D printed components for masks, door handles, and other pieces for respirators and other medical equipment for coronavirus fight. This initiative is done in coordination with LEITAT and Parc Taulí. The work is done at the home of IFAE engineer Juli Mundet, where the 3D printers have been moved due to the closure of IFAE, and the pieces delivered to Parc Tauli in Sabadell regularly.

March 2020 - Postdoctoral position at the Quantum Computing Technology Group, IFAE

Publication date: 19 March 2020
Closing date: until the position is filled

March 2020 - Project Manager Assistant at IFAE

Publication date: 19 March 2020
Closing date: until the position is filled

March 2020 - Systems and Network Engineer

Publication date: 3 March 2020
Closing date: 1 April 2020.
Job Reference: PIC2020-SERVICES-1

February 2020 - Ingeniero Informático Júnior

Publication date: 1-Feb-2020
Closing date: 1-Mar-2020
Job Reference: IFAE-2020-03

February 2020 - Ingeniero Electrónico o de Telecomunicaciones

Publication Date: February 4th, 2019
Closing Date: March 1st, 2019
Reference number: IFAE-2020-CTA-01

February 2020 - Senior ASIC Research Engineer

Publication Date: 01/02/2020

Closing Date: 01/04/2020

Job Reference: IFAE-2020-02

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