SEMINAR: A Cosmological Solution to the Electroweak Hierarchy Problem

June 12 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: David E Kaplan (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

THESIS DEFENSE: Search for new physics in ttbar final states with additional
heavy-flavor jets with the ATLAS detector

Thesis Defender: Javier Montejo

June 11 2015,  11:00am - Seminar Room b


First light for the PAU camera, designed to study the dark energy in the Universe.

  • The camera's innovative technology allows the use of a new technique to precisely measure the accelerating expansion of the Universe.
  • The camera has been designed and built in Spain and is installed as a visiting instrument on the William Herschel telescope at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory in La Palma, Canary Islands.
  • IFAE, ICE-CSIC/IEEC y PIC in Barcelona, CIEMAT and IFT-UAM/CSIC in Madrid participate in the project.

Primera luz para la cámara PAU, diseñada para estudiar la energía oscura del Universo.

  • La innovadora tecnología de la cámara permite explorar una nueva técnica para medir con precisión la expansión acelerada del Universo.
  • La cámara ha sido diseñada y construida en España y está instalada como instrumento visitante en el telescopio William Herschel en el Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos en la isla de La Palma, Canarias.
  • IFAE, ICE-CSIC/IEEC y PIC en Barcelona, CIEMAT e IFT-UAM/CSIC en Madrid participan en el proyecto.

Primera llum per a la càmera PAU, dissenyada per estudiar l'energia fosca de l'Univers.

• La innovadora tecnologia de la càmera permet explorar una nova tècnica per mesurar amb precisió l'expansió accelerada de l'Univers
• La càmera ha estat construïda a Catalunya i està instal·lada com a instrument visitant al telescopi William Herschel a l'observatori del Roque de los Muchachos a l'illa de La Palma a les Canàries.
• IFAE, ICE-CSIC/IEEC i PIC a Barcelona i CIEMAT i IFT-UAM/CSIC a Madrid participen en el projecte.

SEMINAR: Thermo-electric transport properties in holography with momentum dissipation.

June 4 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Nicodemo Magnoli (Genova U)

Abstract : In the first part of this seminar we will provide an analytical derivation of the transport coefficients of the simplest momentum dissipating model in gauge/gravity where the lack of momentum conservation is realized by means of explicit graviton mass in the bulk. In the second part we will investigate the possibility of formulating Planckian bounds in different models featuring momentum dissipation. We will show that in a holographic dilaton model it is possible to formulate a bound on the sum of the charge and energy diffusion constants.

SEMINAR: Aspects of string phenomenology in particle physics and cosmology

June 5 2015, 12:00pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Ignatios Antoniadis (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)

Abstract : I will discuss the problem of scale hierarchies in string phenomenology and propose ways to address it.

András Kovács research featured on El Periódico

Find the article here.

LHC experiments are back in business at a new record energy

Geneva, 3 June 2015. Today, CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) started delivering physics data for the first time in 27 months. After an almost two year shutdown and several months re-commissioning, the LHC is now providing collisions to all of its experiments at the unprecedented energy of 13 TeV, almost double the collision energy of its first run. This marks the start of season 2 at the LHC, opening the way to new discoveries. The LHC will now run round the clock for the next three years.

May 2015: Predoctoral Position in Theoretical Physics

Publication Date: May 25, 2015

Closing Date: June 12, 2015

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offers a PhD grant in theoretical physics. The official link of the opening and the details of the application procedure can be found here.

Information of the UAB/IFAE theory group can be found at

Sending CVs to the above address implies consent to the legal warning at the bottom of the IFAE Home Page.

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