Tsukuba, February 24, 2010. The T2K experiment, whose primary purpose is to study neutrino interactions at a large distance from their source, has detected 6 electron neutrino candidate events based on the data collected before March 11, 2011. For the first time, it was possible to observe an indication that muon neutrinos are able to transform into electron neutrinos over a distance of 295 km through the quantum mechanical phenomena of neutrino flavor oscillations.

Duality Violations in tau decays

Wednesday May 15th,  14:00hs - Coffee roomn

Speaker : Diogo Boito (IFAE)


A split SM embedding in SO(10), minimal type-II seesaw, and tree-level gauge mediation

Friday June 10, 14:hs - Seminar room

Speaker:  Andrea Romanino (SISSA, Trieste)


I will discuss the consequences of a non-standard embedding of the SM fermions in a supersymmetric SO(10) theory, in which the SM fermions are embedded in two different SO(10) representations.

Technically natural dark energy from Lorentz breaking

Monday June 6, 14:30hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Serguey Sibiryakov (INR, Moscow)


I will present a model of dark energy with a technically natural small contribution to cosmic acceleration, i.e. this contribution does not receive corrections from other scales in the theory.

Asymmetric Dark Matter via Leptogenesis

Friday May 27th, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: E. Fernandez Martinez (CERN, Geneva)


I will motivate and introduce the idea of asymmetric dark matter. This is an alternative to the better-known WIMP or axion dark matter candidates in which dark matter behaves in a more similar way to baryonic matter.

Gluon-fusion pair production of sleptons as a test of SUSY

Wednesday May 25th, Seminar room

Speaker: Francesca Borzumati  (Tohoku Univ. Sendai)


I discuss the gluon-fusion production of a pair of sleptons induced at the one-loop level by i) renormalizable quartic couplings among squarks and sleptons, ii) the exchange of Higgs bosons.

The Higgs Potential in the Type II Seesaw Model

Friday May 20th, 14:30 - Seminar room

Speaker: Gilbert Moultaka  (CNRS & University of Montpellier)


The Standard Model Higgs sector extended by one weak gauge triplet of scalar fields, is a promising setting to account for neutrino masses without a right handed neutrino.

Mathematica más allá de las Matemáticas

Friday May 27th, 10:00hs - Seminar room.

Speaker: Guillermo Sánchez de León (Universidad de Salamanca)

Addlink Software Científico organiza, en colaboración con el Instituto de Física de Altas Energías (IFAE), el próximo viernes 27 de mayo, el seminario/taller "Mathematica, más allá de las Matemáticas (Barcelona)".

Información y registro.

Galilean symmetry in the effective theory of inflation: new shapes of non-Gaussianity

Friday May 13th, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Jorge Noreña (Institut de Ciències del Cosmos, U de Barcelona)


To be announced


Fermionic Quantum Criticality from AdS String Theory

Friday,  May 6th 14:30hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Koenraad Schalm  (Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics,University of Leiden)


We will argue that theoretical questions posed by experiments on quantum critical states of electron systems might be best answerable with string theory through the anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory correspondence.

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