Holographic d-wave superconductors and spectral functions

Friday October 29th, 14:30hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Francesco Benini  (Princeton University)


The properties of a superfluid phase transition with a d-wave order parameter in a strongly interacting field theory with gravity dual are considered. In the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence, this amounts to writing down an action for a charged, massive spin two field on a background, and I will

Constraining new physics contributions to the width difference in the B_s system

Wednesday, October 27th, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Christian Bauer  (LBL, Berkeley)


The recent measurement of the di-muon asymmetry by the D0 collaboration is in excess of the SM prediction by 3.2 sigma. In this talk I will discuss the implementation of this measurement, and show that the central value is in violation with the SM prediction for the off-diagonal term in the decay matrix

OCTOBER 2010 - Postdoctoral position in the gamma-ray astrophysics group at IFAE

The gamma-ray astrophysics group at IFAE ( www.ifae.es ) in Barcelona is looking for candidates to fill a postdoctoral position in the frame of the MultiDark project (see below). The IFAE group is part of the MAGIC collaboration, which operates a system of two ground-based gamma-ray telescopes in the island of La Palma.

Effective Theory Predictions for LHC Processes

Monday, 25th October, 12:00hs - IFAE Seminar room.

Speaker: Christian Bauer  (LBNL, Berkely)


This talk will give an introduction to effective field theories and how they can improve our theoretical understanding of collider physics. After discussing the basic ideas of effective theories, I will present briefly a relatively new effective theory called SCET which is suitable for collider physics. I will then

15 OCTUBRE 2010 - Sol·licituds beques FI 2011

Aquí podeu trobar la relació prioritzada d'estudiants per a les sol·licituds de beques FI 2011 i els criteris que s'han emprat per a la priorització.

Yang-Mills theory in 2+1 dim. (Schrödinger wave functional and Hamiltonian treatment by Karabali, Kim and Nair)"

Wednesday October 20th, 14:00hs - Multifunctional room

Speaker: Sebastian Krug


We review the treatment of 3 dimensional Yang-Mills theory in the fieldtheoretical Schrödinger picture done by Karabali, Kim and Nair, which gives an analytical continuum calculation of the vacuum wave functional, string tension, gluelump spectrum, etc. starting from first principles. For a review paper see hep-th/0309061.




THESIS DEFENSE - Measurement of the CCQE muon neutrino cross-section at theSciBoone experiment

Friday October 8th 2010, 12 pm  - Seminar room

Thesis Defender: Jose Alcaraz

Universal Extra Dimensions on (Projective) Sphere

Friday October 8th, 14:30hs - Seminar room

Speaker: Kin-ya Oda (Osaka University)


We propose a six dimensional Universal Extra Dimensions (UED) model compactified on a real projective plane $RP^2$, a two-sphere with its antipodal points being identified. We utilize the Randjbar-Daemi-Salam-Strathdee spontaneous sphere compactification with a monopole configuration of an extra

Sommerfeld Effect in Dark Matter

Wednesday October 6th,14:00hs -  Multifunctional room

Speaker: Pr. Subhendra Mohanty


Observations of positrons in Pamela experiment demand that DM cross section is 10^3 - 10^4 times larger than what is expected from relic density calculation. I show that the Sommerfeld effect changes the relic density calculation and also the annihilation cross section in the present universe so that one can explain PAmela observations




Precision Gauge Unification from Extra Yukawa Couplings

Friday October 1st, 14:30 hs -  Seminar room

Speaker: Arthur Hebecker (University of Heidelber)


Extra vector-like GUT multiplets can have a significant impact on the predicted value of the strong coupling. In particular, Yukawa couplings between such extra multiplets and the MSSM Higgs doublets can resolve the familiar two-loop discrepancy between the SUSY GUT prediction and the measured

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