SEMINAR - Higgslike dilaton

Friday February 1st 2013, 2:30 pm - Sala de graus II

Speaker: Brando Bellazzini (Padova - Saclay)

Abstract: I will examine the possibility that the recently discovered 125 GeV higgs-like resonance actually corresponds to a dilaton: the Goldstone boson of scale invariance spontaneously broken at a scale f.

Comparing to LHC data we find that a dilaton can reproduce the observed couplings of the new resonance as long as f~v , the weak scale. The more difficult task is to keep the mass of the dilaton light compared to the dynamical scale ~4pi f of the theory. The mass of the dilaton can only be lowered at the price of some percent level (or worse) tuning and/or additional dynamical assumptions. In particular, one needs to suppress the contribution of the condensate to the vacuum energy which would lead to a large dilaton quartic coupling.



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