Seminar: Flavour and high-pT physics in the precision era of the LHC

Thursday October 31 2013, 2:30pm - Seminar room

Speaker: Lars Hofer (IFAE)

Several topics of flavour and high-pT physics are discussed: In the flavour-part of the talk I present a scenario within the MSSM (Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model) in which the light quark masses and the off-diagonal CKM elements are generated radiatively through the trilinear A-terms.

I further discuss the possibility of probing new physics in electroweak penguins via the rare decays Bs-->phi,rho and Bs-->phi,pi. In the high-pT part of the talk I present the NLO-generator RECOLA which recursively generates tree-level and one-loop amplitudes for collider processes in the full Standard Model, including electroweak corrections. As a first application of RECOLA I present results for the electroweak corrections to Z + 2 jets production at the LHC.


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