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Open Position PhD Opportunities in Gravitational Wave Physics at IFAE-Barcelona

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The “Institut de Física d’Altes Energies” (IFAE) in Barcelona welcomes applications for PhD positions on Gravitational Wave physics using ground-based interferometers.

IFAE is a member institution of the Virgo collaboration. A group of researches from IFAE has taken significant responsibilities in the Virgo experiment related to the control of the stray light inside the experiment, which is considered a limiting factor for its sensitivity. The group plays an important role in the ongoing commissioning, operations and upgrade of the interferometer. For the latter, IFAE is leading the construction of new baffles instrumented with photo sensors around the test masses.

In the physics analysis front, the IFAE research program, using LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA data, includes topics related to: compact binary coalescence and their mass/spin spectrum determination; search for primordial black holes as candidates for dark matter; searches for axion-like signals in GWs; test of exotic models for Gravity beyond General Relativity; determination of the universe expansion rate using GWs; and using GWs as probes for inflation and phase transitions in the early universe. IFAE will be in a privileged position to analyse the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA data and, in collaboration with IFAE’s teams in CTA/MAGIC and Observational Cosmology, to fully profit from a multi-messenger approach. Finally, IFAE is actively exploring a potential long-term involvement in 3G terrestrial interferometry projects like the Einstein Telescope.

Applicants should have a Master Degree in Physics, provide a CV, including full list of University Grades, and arrange for two letters of reference to be sent by e-mail ( ) not later than 10th July 2021. However, applications will be accepted until the openings are filled.

For further information please contact

Prof. Mario Martínez Pérez ( ) PI of the Virgo Group in IFAE

IFAE is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Women are particularly encouraged to apply. PIC provides a flexible work environment, and promotes proactive goal-oriented approach in the workplace.