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Open Position HERD PhD student position at IFAE Gamma-Ray Astronomy group

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The Gamma-ray Astronomy group at the Institute de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE) in Barcelona (Spain) invites motivated young potential researchers to submit applications for an open PhD student position.

The offer consists of a 4-year research grant provided by the Spanish State Research Agency. The successful candidate will defend his PhD thesis by the end of this period. The related research will be developed in the context of the construction of the future HERD cosmic ray detector onboard the Chinese Space Station, including:

  • Development of the low-energy gamma-ray trigger system
  • Assessment and optimization of the detector’s capability for gamma-ray astronomy
  • Development of the HERD gamma-ray scientific program

The High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection (HERD) facility is a next-generation cosmic ray detector proposed by China, Italy, Switzerland and Spain institutions to operate, starting ~2027 and for at least 10 years, in the Chinese Space Station (currently being assembled in orbit). HERD main scientific goals are: the search for signatures of annihilation or decay products of dark matter particles; the determination of the physical mechanisms producing the knee structure in the cosmic ray spectrum; providing continuous, wide field-of-view monitoring of the high-energy gamma-ray sky above few 10s MeV.

IFAE is a worldwide-recognized center for fundamental research in physics, including Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, and provides an international, dynamic and competitive environment for training of young researchers. IFAE has a vast expertise in technical and scientific aspects of gamma-ray astronomy, participating with a leading role in MAGIC and in CTA (the narrow-field-of-view ground-based gamma-ray telescope counterpart of HERD during the duration of the mission).

Eligible candidates must hold a master degree in Physics or Astrophysics by the formal beginning of the grant, foreseeably around July 2022. A research contract covering the period prior to the formal beginning of the grant can also be offered.

All interested candidates should contact Mrs. Sara Martinez ( ) as soon as possible (and no later than November 9, 2021), who will inform them about the requested documentation, and assist them along the whole grant application procedure.

IFAE is an equal-opportunity institution committed to diversity in the workplace, and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

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