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Open Position Call for applications: Director of IFAE

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The Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE ) is seeking applicants for a new Director. IFAE is a consortium of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB ) created in 1991. IFAE is a CERCA Center of Excellence whose mission is to perform cutting-edge research, theoretical and experimental, in high-energy physics, astroparticle physics and cosmology, going from particles to the cosmos, and, in the process, to develop technologies that may also find more applied uses. CERCA is the public Catalan system of research institutes. IFAE is also a founding member of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST ), which includes seven leading CERCA centers in Catalonia.

IFAE is located in the UAB campus near Barcelona. IFAE brings together ICREA research professors, UAB professors and its own scientific personnel to work in theoretical physics research lines in Standard Model, Beyond the Standard Model, and Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, together with experimental research lines in Collider Physics (ATLAS), Neutrinos (T2K, HyperK), Gamma-Ray Astronomy (MAGIC, CTA, HERD), Gravitational Waves (Virgo, ET), and Observational Cosmology (DES, PAU, DESI, Euclid, LSST). There are also two applied research lines focused on Medical Imaging and Quantum Computing Technologies.

Candidate profile

Successful candidates will have an established record of scientific excellence, experience and capacity of team and research management, and the innovative thinking necessary to lead the Institute. They should preferably have managed international projects or consortia. In-depth knowledge of the European and Spanish scientific environments will be considered an asset. While English is the working language of the Institute, knowledge of Catalan or Spanish could be advantageous.

Job description

The Director will have the following duties:

  • Provide the scientific vision and strategic goals for the Institute.
  • Manage, organize and lead the research and innovation activities at IFAE.
  • Guarantee financial sustainability and provide for sources of income (competitive funds, private sponsors, …).
  • Submit the Institute’s research activities program to the Governing Board of the Consortium.
  • Maintain close contact with CERCA in relation to the Institute’s progress and participate in the periodic evaluation of the Institute.
  • Any other functions approved by the Consortium.

Applicants should send a CV and a cover letter by e-mail to the Director of CERCA at by April 29, 2022. Informal inquiries are welcome and may be sent to the same address. The appointment will initially be for a period of 4 years, and it can be subsequently extended through successive 4-year periods. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

IFAE is an equal-opportunity employer and particularly encourages women and those from under-represented minorities to apply. IFAE is also a holder of the “Human Resources Excellence in Research (HRS4R)” award from the European Commission.

Selection procedure

IFAE’s Scientific Advisory Board will review all applications and identify a shortlist of suitable candidates, according to the requirements in the call. A selection committee with the Director of CERCA and members from the Consortium institutions will interview the shortlisted candidates. In the interview, candidates will present their CV and a vision statement for IFAE. The selection committee will propose a ranked list of at most three final candidates to the Governing Board of the Consortium, which will then select and appoint the new IFAE Director.

Tentative Calendar

  • February 17th, Call for applications
  • April 29th, Application deadline
  • May 19th, List of shortlisted candidates by SAB
  • June 20th, Ranked list of final candidates by the selection committee
  • June 30th, Appointment announced by the Governing Board

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