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Open Position Postdoctoral positions Juan de la Cierva 2022

Opening Date:
Closing Date:

IFAE is looking for postdoctoral researchers with an excellent CV to apply to Juan de la Cierva 2022 call and work at any of the research lines of the center.

Conditions of the program:

1) Requirements to be eligible: 

  • To have obtained the PhD certificate in the period date 01/01/2021-31/12/2022.  The period for obtaining the doctorate may be extended (see relevant information in the doc attached, article 6.1.1)
  • To carry out postdoctoral research in a different centre of the PhD has been obtained.
  • To not have submitted a proposal in the RYC 2022 call.
  • To not have been granted with a JDC grant in previous calls.

2) Funding granted: 

Gross annual salary of the fellow to be negotiated.) Additional funding: 7.400 € to cover the research costs

3) Duration: 2 years

Latest date for incorporation to IFAE until 01/01/2024. 

4) Deadline for submission: from 24/01/2023 to 14/02/2023 at 14h.


To apply for this call, it is mandatory to submit:

  • CVA or CVN of the candidate (Mineco´s template, recommended English, 4 pages, using Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial font of a minimum size of 11 points; 2.5 cm lateral margins; top margins and lower 1.5 cm; and simple minimum spacing).
  • CVA or CVN of the tutor candidate (same requirements as candidate)
  • Scientific CV of the Research Group in the past 5 years.
  • Copy of PhD degree of the candidate (only for foreign universities)

Please, if you wish to apply to this call, contact Marta Balza asap ( )