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Open Position PhD Position in Theoretical Physics within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan – Funded by the European Union – Next Generation.

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Who we are

The Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE) is a public consortium of Generalitat de Catalunya, the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, a public university) whose main goal is to carry out research and to contribute to the development of high energy physics from a theoretical, experimental and technological point of view. IFAE has the status of a “University Institute" attached to UAB and its premises are within the campus of the university. The Theory Group at the Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE), at the UAB Campus (Barcelona), is a vibrant international group working on Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics and Cosmology. Current members include D. Blas, E. Masso, A. Pomarol, O. Pujolas, M. Quiros and A. Wulzer.
The group has an extended research record on BSM physics, collider physics, early universe cosmology, dark matter, gravitation, topological defects, axion physics, from both the phenomenological and theoretical sides (check for more information about the group).

The previous areas are complemented with active collaboration with the experimental colleagues at IFAE working on colliders, cosmology, gravitational waves, astroparticles and quantum technologies (check also for more information about these groups).

What we are looking for

We invite applications for a PhD Position in Theoretical Physics starting in Fall 2023. Candidates should have a Master Degree in Physics (by September 2023).

What will be your role

The PhD research topic will be along our strategic research lines: BSM physics, formal aspects of quantum field theories, gravitation, gravitational waves, cosmology or astroparticle physics. They are part of the action line 3 (Gravitational waves experiments and multi-messenger astronomy) of the project Advances technologies for the exploration of the Universe and its components, of the area of Astrophysics and High Energy Physics.

Offered contract

A Full-time (40h/week) PhD position. The duration of the contract is linked to the project “Advances technologies for the exploration of the Universe and its components, of the area of Astrophysics and High Energy Physics”, within the frame of the R+D+I Complementary Plans of the Spanish Government. There will be a trial period of 6 months. Flexible schedule.

Application and Selection process

Applications, provide a CV, including full list of University Grades, and arrange for two letters of reference to be sent by e-mail ( ) no later than March 30th. However, candidacies will be accepted until suitable candidates are identified. The selection will be based on the academic and scientific record of the candidate, the recommendation letters and the potential of the candidate to integrate well in the group.

For further information please contact: Prof. Oriol Pujolas ( ) or Prof. Andrea Wulzer ( ).

IFAE is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace and social integration of people with a disability. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates. People from groups that are typically underrepresented in the labour market in general and in Science and Engineering in particular, such as women, minorities, or people with a disability, are particularly encouraged to apply. In compliance with article 121 of the Spanish Public Sector Legal Regime Act, staff with a pre-existing relationship with the Consortium administration (Generalitat de Catalunya and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) will have priority in the awarding of the position.

Funding Statement

This contract is part of the project Advanced technologies for the exploration of the Universe and its components, of the area of Astrophysics and High Energy Physics, within the frame of the R&D&I Complementary Plans of the Spanish Government that are part component 17 of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. This contract is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU (MICINN/PRTR funds) and by Generalitat de Catalunya.