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Open Position Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral position in Gravitational Wave Physics at IFAE

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In the framework of the DocFam+ (DOCtoral training programme in Functional Advanced Materials: Towards a Better Future) Program , the “Institut de Física d’Altes Energies” (IFAE) in Barcelona welcomes applications for a PhD position on Advanced detectors for gravitational wave (GW) studies with Virgo and Einstein Telescope (ET).

The detection of GWs from a black hole binary merger by LIGO in 2015 started a new era in the exploration of the universe. The addition of the Virgo antenna into the network led in 2017 to the detection of a neutron star binary merger that could be followed in electromagnetic signals, representing the beginning of multi-messenger astronomy.

IFAE has taken significant responsibilities related to the control of the stray light inside Virgo and ET. The group plays an important role in the ongoing commissioning, operations and upgrade of the interferometer. For the latter, IFAE is leading the construction of new baffles instrumented with photo sensors around the test masses for Virgo. In addition, IFAE is deeply involved in the detector R&D and simulation activities of ET, and in ETpathfinders in The Netherlands and Italy. IFAE works with CERN in the design of the ET vacuum pipes and is leading the construction of a novel pre-alignment system inside the optical cavities. Finally, a close collaboration has been established with Caltech in USA.

In the physics analysis, the IFAE research program, using LIGO/Virgo data, includes topics related to: the search for compact binary coalescence events and their mass/spin spectrum determination; search for primordial black holes as candidates for dark matter; searches for axion-like signals in continuous GW signals; test of exotic models for Gravity beyond General Relativity; determination of the universe expansion rate using GWs; and using GWs as probes for inflation and phase transitions in the early universe.

The PhD candidate will get involved in several of IFAE’s GW group activities including optical simulation studies, R&D on new material and coatings, and active monitoring of the stray light inside the cavity with new photo sensors at different wavelengths in an ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic environment. She/he will participate in the physics analysis of the LIGO-Virgo data, with special emphasis on the test of General Relativity and Cosmology using GWs. Applicants should have a Master Degree in Physics and apply using the web portal , ,where further information on the DocFam+ Program is provided.

The DOCFam+ fellowship has a duration of three years with a salary above national standards. In addition, and within the framework of IFAE’s GW research activities, the successful candidate will be offered significant training and networking opportunities, including also extended stays of research in top-level international research centres in Europe and USA.

Deadline: 15th July 2023

For further information please contact: Prof. Mario Martínez Pérez ( ) PI of the Virgo/ET Group in IFAE

IFAE is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace, and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.